Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Bishop Headlam's 18-Year-Old Son Stabbed to Death

The bishop of World Vision Apostolic Church of Jesus Christ has just lost his son. David Headlam was the son of Bishop Alonzo Headlam who was attacked by two strangers wearing hoods.   Many who knew him say he was a nice, polite young man and did not deserve to die this way and too son. 

According to blackchristiannews.com, neighbours said the teenager was the son of a Pentecostal church minister and from a deeply religious family in north London. 

 In the meantime, we will keep Bishop Alonzo Headlam and family in our prayers.  May his son, David Headlam rest in peace.

18-Year-Old Son of London Minister Stabbed to Death In ‘Motiveless’ Attack

The teenage son of a church minister has been stabbed to death in an apparently motiveless attack as he walked home.

David Headlam, 18, was ambushed by two men wielding knives in the early hours of yesterday and chased for a quarter of...Read full article, here.

Source: BlackChristianNews.com



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