Saturday, July 26, 2014

Cartoon Network Reveals New Blasphemous “Black Jesus” Show

Now, do you see why we tell you, we choose to worship Christ, no matter what race he was while on earth?  Simply, because some black people are so ignorant they will fall for anything.  If we are going to be proud of blackness and claim our Messiah was a black man, then why insult him with this junk?  The Cartoon Network has created a new late night show that reveals Jesus Christ using foul language.  Now, of course, if they revealed he was white on this new show, we don't think they would show him using foul language, but the fact is, when too many black people fall for this type of mess, how can you be proud of your heritage and claim Jesus was black?  It's irrelevant, isn't it?  The main thing is that we make it into God's Kingdom.  If you cannot respect Jesus Christ, then you certainly will not respect yourself or each other.

Cartoon Network Hits New Low With Blasphemous “Black Jesus” Show, an action-focused division of American Family Association, is urging Americans to contact the originators of new late-night programming on the Cartoon Network that portrays Jesus as a foul-mouthed...Read full article, here.


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