Saturday, July 26, 2014

Celebrity News: Former WWE champ catches burglar

This sort of reminds us of when L. L. Cool J caught a burglar in his home.  If you recall, we did a previous report about it.  This time, Bryan Danielson chased two burglars and caught one.   Do you realize if he was not the size he was, he wouldn't have been able to tackle him down until the police showed up?  Thank God, he's safe and still alive.

Yes! Former WWE champ catches suspected burglar
by Associated Press

PHOENIX (AP) — A former WWE champion known as Daniel Bryan chased two burglary suspects he saw exiting his Phoenix home this week and subdued one until officers arrived, investigators said.

According to police, Bryan Danielson and his wife, Brianna, drove into the carport of their Arcadia home...Read full article, here.

Source and Photo:
Source and Photo: AP 


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