Saturday, July 5, 2014

Celebrity News: R&B's Hi-Five Russell Neal faces murder charges in wife's death

This 40-year-old former member of 90's R&B group, Hi-Five allegedly killed his 24-year-old wife.  Russell Neal turned himself into police after stabbing Catherine Martinez, multiple times.  Now, Martinez aka 'Brasilia' was a model and the mother of his two kids.  A message to all women of all ages: 'make sure that the man you marry is a man of God, because if not, you don't know if he has a murdering demon inside of him.'

In the meantime, we are praying for the two children, which is allegedly with Neal's mother at this time.  May Catherine Martinez rest in peace.

'90s R&B star Russell Neal faces murder charges in wife's death 

(CNN) -- Former Hi-Five R&B singer Russell Neal is in custody after turning himself in to police on July 2, saying his wife was dead in their Houston apartment.

After Houston Fire Department paramedics forced entry into the apartment, they pronounced Catherine Martinez, 24, dead of multiple stab...Read full article, here.
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