Saturday, July 19, 2014

Celebrity News: Tyler Perry Sued by Georgia Entertainment Company

Tyler Perry is being sued by an entertainment group in Georgia to allegedly persuade a government official to do something different than his original plan.  You can't change your mind? We ask you how is that illegal?  If you recall Tyler Perry previously had issues with the police force there in Atlanta, after accusing an officer for racial profiling.  Therefore, this could be an alleged set-up, a conspiracy.

According to, the complaint says a UES rep met with a government official in 2011 and first proposed the idea of transforming Fort McPherson into a studio and entertainment complex, but then Perry stepped in and persuaded them to agree to his deal to provide similar “studio, sound stage, animation, school and education complexes” in the same 80-acre space.  

This is nothing but the enemy trying to set up Tyler Perry.  Satan never wants a saved black man to make money, legitimately.  Perry created his own studio in Georgia, somewhere outside of Hollywood.  As we all know, Hollywood is a place that is full of sin and mostly dominated by some whites who have changed the natural image of some African Americans to how they wanted, look and behave, allegedly.  Therefore, Perry is possibly being sued because he is a saved and very successful black man.

In the meantime, we will keep Tyler Perry in our prayers. 

Tyler Perry Sued by Georgia Entertainment Company for Engaging in Fraud with Government Officials

Tyler Perry has been sued by a Georgia-based entertainment company for allegedly working unfairly with government officials while trying to transform a former military base into a movie studio.

In a federal lawsuit filed earlier this week, which also names the U.S. Department of Defense as a defendant...Read full article, here.

Photo: AP 


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