Thursday, July 17, 2014

Chicago Pastor and Deacon Held at Gunpoint

This pastor and his deacon was robbed at gunpoint, but the Devil was defeated, because they continued on with Bible study, afterwards.   As we all know, in Chicago it's very difficult to enjoy life, because there's always some type of tragedy.   We want you to know, this is why we always stress that God has had enough of these fancy paid conferences and worldly music artists giving entertainment instead of most (black) churches enforcing pure holiness.  Now, this is very serious saints of God, this pastor and his deacon could have been another statistic, but this is indeed a wake-up call for for the rest of us.

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Pastor, Deacon Robbed At Gunpoint Chicago Bureau 

Well it has happened again – another Supernatural Wealth Transfer. The money of the wicked is apparently getting transferred in real time as another  Church has been robbed of the...Read full article, here.

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