Friday, July 25, 2014

Former Atheist Shares Testimony about His Near Death Experience in Heaven and Hell

Of course, Satan tries to come against us journalists in our personal lives, because we share the truth about hell.  However, we don't care how angry he is we must keep revealing the truth. B.W. Melvin opens up about what he saw and heard after he took his life breath.   He says, he was sick with a fever and experienced the greatest feeling of being alive without breath.  His near death experience occurred in 1980.  He grew up in a Christian home and became a militant atheist.  He could no longer feel no more fever or pain and was utmost peace, but ended up in a pitch black place and met a glowing light and heard a heavenly choir.  Jesus Christ explained deep mysteries about God and why certain things happened in life.  He shares after we die, we are yet alive for eternity.  It's amazing you've got to hear it, for yourself. 

Watch Video

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