Sunday, July 20, 2014

Hollywood News: 'Treme' actor settles racial profiling lawsuit against Macy's, NYC

Famous actor, Rob Brown experienced racism at Macy's.   He was followed around the store and accused of having a fake credit card.  All he wanted to do was buy a designer's watch for his mother before arriving at his graduation, but instead he was arrested.  

Beloved brothers and sisters, this hurts us to do this report, because there are many African Americans who have chosen to idolize the European race instead of fully surrendering and worshiping God.  For that reason, innocent people like Brown must endure racism.   This reminds us of what Oprah Winfrey went through when she visited Switzerland, trying to purchase a handbag from a boutique, the store clerk allegedly said she could not afford.  Do you recall how she regretted speaking about her experience afterwards?  According to Mail Online, she regretted admitting racism during her trip to Switzerland.  However, in our opinion she didn't realize that this is what keeps African Americans in bondage when you feel remorseful for the way white racists behave.  The only thing that's going to save us from the spiritual attacks of racism, is for the majority of black people to repent for hating themselves and each other, bowing down and worshiping the white race, and not worshiping God, our Savior Jesus Christ.

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'Treme' actor settles racial profiling lawsuit against Macy's, NYC

 By Julia Lull, CNN

New York (CNN) -- Actor Robert Brown has reached a "settlement in principle" in his racial profiling lawsuits against Macy's and New York, according to court documents and a statement from the retailer.

Brown, who appeared on the HBO series "Treme," made headlines last summer after he...Read full article, here.

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