Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Megachurch Pastor Admits He Almost Walked Away From Ministry Because of Porn

It takes a real man or woman of God to admit his or her failures.  Pastor Perry Noble admits in his early teens, he began his addiction to porn.  To tell you the truth, a lot of times, our struggles in our adult years come from what started when we were children.   We may have felt neglected or rejected as children, no excuse, but we yearned an outlet.  For whatever reason, in Pastor Noble's case, porn was his solution.  As a grown man, the demon of porn almost caused him to stop his ministry and serving God, but Jesus Christ had a better plan.

Megachurch Pastor Confesses: I Almost Walked Away From Ministry Because of Porn, Doubted My Salvation

By Jessica Martinez , CP Reporter

Pastor Perry Noble doubted his salvation after getting addicted to porn, which began at the age of 14. However, he found ways to get over his lustful obsession after realizing that he was doomed to ruin his marriage and ministry if he continued to...Read full article, here.

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