Sunday, July 20, 2014

Myles Munroe Says Jesus Is Not The Good News & Don’t Preach Jesus, Watch Video!!

Now, we must say we never followed this guy Myles Monroe, because we always felt he was a false prophet.  Now, the truth has came out of his evil spirit.  When you watch this following video, he allegedly says not to preach Jesus, because He is not the good news.  He says not to preach about the 'blood, nails and the spear in the side...' Oh really?  We feel like we are listening to another Bishop Carlton Pearson.  We tell you today, to no longer follow any minister just because he is popular.  No longer follow these ministers who have a bunch of flags behind them, representing various countries in the world, because it could be because they are trying to promoting a One World Government, which is the New World Order.   

This is so crazy, then Monroe says, 'cause this is not what you are supposed to be talking about, you are supposed to be talking about how to solve people's problems.'  Jesus Christ is the answer for all of our problems; what's wrong with this guy?  You know, it's very clear why we don't see many crosses in churches anymore with this type of foolishness being taught by false prophets!!  One thing is for sure, hell is enlarging herself with a lot of these rich and famous false prophets.  See this mess for yourself!

 Watch Video

Myles Munroe Says Jesus Is Not The Good News & Don’t Preach Jesus: See Video!

We have just received a video of Myles Munroe preaching some outright Lies and Foolishness! In this one video Myles Munroe not only says that Jesus is not the Good News...Read full article, here.


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