Sunday, July 20, 2014

NC Megachurch's LOVE Week to Feed 800,000 People

Elevation church will feed thousands of people, which is unlike many other megachurches.   The NC ministry will show love by also giving food to children.  We can't say we hear of this too often among today's average megachurches.  However, Elevation Church has what they call a LOVE week feed the poor.    

We'll keep you updated on any further information about Elevation Church and their pastor, Steven Furtick when we receive it.  Thanks for reading and God bless.

NC Megachurch's LOVE Week to Feed 800,000 People, Serve Thousands of Underprivileged Kids

By Jessica Martinez , CP Reporter
Elevation Church in Charlotte, North Carolina will send off thousands of volunteers to help communities in different cities throughout the United States and Canada next week in an effort to outwardly demonstrate God's love through large-scale...Read full article, here.
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