Thursday, July 31, 2014

New Film Claims 'American Church Is Dying': Isn't the Real Church Already Dead?

There is a new documentary about the American Church fading away called, 'When God Left the Building.'  However, we really feel that the majority of the 'real church' is dead.  God's church is supposed to be based solely on His Word, but too many pastors have been ashamed to not only preach it, but live it.   According to this film, the church has been dying since the 1970's.  Could it be because since then, there has been too much focus on attracting various cultures instead of maintaining strict righteous standards? 

According to, filmmakers spent three years documenting a church that saw its attendance plunge by 90 percent. 

Beloved brothers and sisters, although we see a steady growth among mega churches, the real church has declined, simply because people no longer want to be among the masses.  We feel they yearn for righteous leaders who are not puppets.  We feel many souls feel too many pastors have focused on fame and fortune instead of being concerned about complete salvation for humanity.

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Has God Left the Church? New Film Claims 'American Church Is Dying' 

by Becky Hodges

A new documentary film that spotlights the decline of the American church focuses on the spiritual climate in the United States.

The film, titled When God Left the Building, will be screened August 4 at the Acme Theater in Hollywood...Read full article, here.

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