Friday, July 4, 2014

New Movie, Black Church Inc. Tells the Truth about Megachurch Prosperity!!

We noticed while watching this movie trailer, New Birth Missionary Baptist Church, Bishop Long's church was revealed and so was, Bishop Paul Morton's church.  However, there are so many other mega church's today who are banking millions of dollars off of the prosperity gospel.

On the film, 'Black Church Inc., you will hear a spokesman say, 'church's have bills to pay and the only way to make sure that those bills are paid is for the members to give money, properly'.  However, years ago, many church's were yet full of church members without the prosperity gospel and people were more hungry for God.   Therefore, that's just an excuse to accept the mega-church era which is not strong enough to save anyone from an illness or from sin.

If you've done research about the reality of hell, you will acknowledge, every second millions of souls are being tossed into hell.   Therefore, the prosperity gospel is obviously the wrong gospel, which cannot save souls from eternal damnation.   The film reveals what has occurred for the past 30 years and it has made pastors very rich, living like celebrities.    Over 30 years ago, we would have never seen a bishop like T. D. Jakes friends with a talk show host like Oprah Winfrey and buddying with a film maker like Tyler Perry or even making movies.  Over 30 years ago, we would have never heard of preachers like Bishop Eddie Long friends with rappers like T. I. or Ludicrous.  We would not even have seen hip hop or christian rock allowed in the church, specifically in the black church, they did not concur with what some of the white church's carnality; but they wanted to collaborate to gain their fame and fortune so bad, it seems like there's no return.  Years ago, most preachers were more concerned about preaching against sin, tarrying at the alter until the Holy Ghost was on the tongues of their congregants, people were healed of various sorts of diseases and even raised from the dead.  We're talking about the real sanctified, holiness church.   There was no yearning to connect ties with Hollywood, but repeatedly saying, 'yes lord' on our knees was very important and enforced in the holiness church.  Therefore, this world of mega-church prosperity is a nightmare and we thank God for this new film, revealing what has been lost in the black church, because of  ultimate greed are among clergy members of this era.

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