Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Pastor David James Manning Tells the Truth About Black People

A lot of African Americans like to put Pastor David Manning down, but he really is speaking the truth.  Pastor Manning is speaking more truth than any other black preacher on this following video.  Pastor Manning shares he is a native of North Carolina and how him and his family had nothing to eat back in the 1950's.  Back in the 1950's, Pastor Manning experienced Jim Crow with no government programs. He and his sisters and brothers would go out and pick huckleberries and his mother would make whole cake bread.  His family would eat it and go to bed, because that's all they had to eat.  He said he would have rather experienced his childhood of lack than to grow up in the projects on government cheese.  You see, we agree with Pastor Manning, because depending on the government has not made black men or black women strong.   This is why we have so many problems today among us.  However, now most black people are following the world of hip hop and want things easy in life.  A lot of young people are not learning the value of life.  They are not learning to trust God, but instead, they are being deceived by Satan to get money without trusting God and working for they want in life.  To be rich, many black people are worshiping the Devil, just look at the life of the most popular today without naming names.

Watch Video

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