Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Pastor To Be Deported Over His Immigration Status

Jose Armando Siliezar-Sevilla, 48, (right) with his son. Siliezar-Sevilla was arrested at his home by Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents on June 3 for lying on an application to adjust his immigration status. (PHOTO: WRAL SCREENSHOT)

We hate to hear a pastor doing good but hasn't been a true citizen in this country so he is subject to being deported...This is the story of  48 years old Jose Armando Siliezar-Sevilla; a husband and father who has lived in the United States since he emigrated from Honduras in 1989. He was arrested in June for misleading information about his immigration status on job application papers.

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NC Pastor To Be Deported Over His Immigration Status | AT2W

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