Thursday, July 17, 2014

Rev. Carl Prince Removed After Majority of Church Members Voted Him Out

Allegedly, Pastor Carl Prince was voted out as pastor, because the majority of church members claimed he has a domineering spirit.  Really?  That's most pastors in America, but really, it seems as though this minister was just trying to get the finances of the church situated and his foes didn't like it.

According to, James Walker, a member since 1959, agreed and said Prince’s removal is an unjust response to him raising some financial concerns.

In our opinion, whomever voted him out should be grateful, because not many pastors care about what going on with financial matters, they just want to spend the money on themselves and family.  

Furthermore, Carl Prince hasn't lost anything, all he has to do is start his own ministry and gain a whole new congregation.  One thing's for sure, Rev. Carl Prince can preach.  How many preachers admit they're saved, sanctified and fire baptized these days?  The average preacher in the black church is too proud to preach like Prince.  God bless him, in Jesus name!

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Rev. A. Carl Prince Removed After Members Voted Him Out: Church Folk Revolution!

All Church Dictators Must Go! We have received news that another Pastor has been removed in a Church Folk Revolution style removal. Rev. A. Carl Prince (Pastor of Zion Baptist Church in Philadelphia) was voted out after 221 members out of 387 sent him packing. Church Folk Revolution has been challenging Deacon Boards to stand up against Dictator Pastors...Read full article, here. 

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