Saturday, July 12, 2014

Sanctified Church Revolution Loves Gospel Artist, First Lady Karen Clark Sheard's Definition of a First Lady

We're sorry, but we have to disagree with on this one.   We admire First Lady Karen Clark Sheard's definition of a first lady, because there aren't many who are so proud to say they are in this era.  Many pastor's wives would rather be called co-pastor, we feel in some cases for this reason, so they can share the wealth and status.  However, it's an honor to be the first lady and stand by your man while leading the women to be righteous ladies for Jesus Christ in our opinion.  Also, we are very grateful of First Lady Karen Clark Sheard carrying on as the first lady, because there are too many butch women in the pulpit and do not like being the rib of their husband as the pastor of the church.

If there was no such a thing as a first lady, we think there would be no real ladies left in God's House, for He instructs the older women to lead the younger women to be holy.  That's something that is lost in many modern day churches, today.   Regardless of First Lady Karen Clark Sheard being a part of the hip hop gospel music, allegedly, she still is very humbled in her position, which is an honor and a blessing.  We pray there are many more women who will be grateful just to remain first lady and be an example for women of all ages within their congregations.

In conclusion, as times have changed when the world has crept into the church, there has been a Spirit of rebellion among women. This is one of the main reasons why we are seeing a lot of lesbianism, babies born out of wedlock, abortions and anything that is not of God, which is pure sin.  Furthermore, now that we are in the 21st century, too many women are no longer submissive to a real man. Possibly, the reason why we do not have masculine men is because of the lack of women willing to be first ladies in the church.  Thank God many of us who grew up back in the day, knowing the blessing of being under a first lady can recognize what we've lost within the black church.  Too many young girls are rebelling to holiness, because they don't have that first lady to guide them and their mothers too are in rebellion, which is very sad.

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