Sunday, July 20, 2014

Satanists Set Bibles on Fire on Church Doorsteps in Arizona, Hate Crime

We would like for you Christians to take this article very serious. We want you to realize why we are having so many problems with our freedom in America today.  One of the main reasons is that Satanists who live in this country and even across the world have made a pact with the Devil to destroy our freedom.   Recently, in Mesa Arizona, there have been four churches who were left with burning bibles on their doorsteps.  According to, a pastor said the words “HAIL SATAN” were carved into a metal gate near one of the burned Bibles. Police have declined to confirm the details of that incident. 

This is one of the main reasons why we discourage entertainment in God's House. We need more revivals and less sophisticated conferences.  With this type of satanic force controlling our country, we cannot allow any more bridging the gap with God's music or secular dancing in the body of Christ.  Meanwhile focusing on prosperity and not deliverance, satanists are attacking our freedom and gaining their rights in America.  We have no time for carnality, but we need to be holy and remain holy.   We need more preachers that are teaching righteousness so God will began to move on the behalf of Christians in this country.   Interim the majority of today's churches are pampering our youth and being silent on homosexuality, satanists are being empowered to be a spokesman for the Devil.

Satanists Set Bibles Ablaze on Church Doorsteps in Apparent Hate Crime

by Crystal Smith,

Arizona authorities are probing a series of arson fires at suburban Phoenix churches as possible hate crimes after an apparent arsonist set Bibles alight on church doorsteps, police said on Thursday.

Authorities said up to six small fires were touched off at four churches in Mesa, Arizona, since...Read full article, here.

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