Friday, July 4, 2014

Texas Pastor Shot and Killed by Son-In-Law In ‘Tragic Accident’

Pastor John Warden (l.) was shot and killed by his son in-law.  The incident has been ruled by investigators, except one expert says the death could have been prevented.  You see, this is why men and women of God should not support gun ownership.  Now, although Warden may not have owned a gun, he still went to the gun show with his son in-law. Who's to say if this son in-law had plotted this?  Same thing in the case of rapper Ice T's grandson, there are too many accidents with these guns, which find suspicious. 

Usually, the truth comes out with the insurance police, which could be revealed on a show like Dateline or 48 Hours Mystery.
May Pastor John Warden rest in peace and if his son in-law is guilty, we pray he confesses.  For how can one live on, after having secret agenda of murder?

Texas Pastor Shot and Killed by Son-In-Law In ‘Tragic Accident’

It was inside New Hope Baptist Church in Jarrell where Pastor John Warden spent his Sundays. Except this Sunday he never made it.

“At this point we haven’t been able to determine any criminal motive or intent and looks like a tragic accident,” said Cedar Park Police Chief...Read full article, here.

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