Monday, July 14, 2014

Watch Pastor Duane Youngblood Preach about Spiritual Warfare Before His Arrest

This is very interesting saints of God.  It's very strange how God can use such a person to give a good Word, but then their past catches up with them.   We happen to go to Pastor Duane Youngblood's website and was led to his YouTube channel.  You know, everything he is saying in this following video reveals what is happening in his life right now.   We feel very confused while doing this post, because we don't know what is going to make the church world better.   However, again we say if we as Christians would make a wise choice to govern our land, we would have power over the laws and this includes what happens within our churches.   

In our opinion, we sincerely think Pastor Youngblood's past just caught up with him, just like in the case of the former pastor of ROC church, Geronimo "Pastor G" Aguilar.  However, we are responsible for how we respond.  Our response at SCR is that, 'it's time for revival.'  It's time that pastors, bishops and evangelists go back on their knees and return to what they call old fashion prayer and that's praying for hours until the Holy Ghost reforms the entire church.   Again, we have no time for entertainment, but time for confessions at the altars across America.  God wants no more paid conferences, he wants revivals where people from all walks of life come in off the street and cry out to God.  God is not happy when a preacher like Duane Youngblood's past is revealed before the nation.   God is not happy when the saints shake their heads after one is honest about their past, but cannot move forward in the ministry.  God is not happy when young children grow up and are bitter at these preachers who molested them in their childhood and they are confused about God.  He's not happy about souls who are trapped in sexual sins like their former leader can no longer hear the gospel to be delivered and set free.   Let us be serious and start seeking God like never before.  God bless.

Watch Video

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