Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Will Mase, Mason Betha Ever Be a Pastor Again?

We knew Mason Betha was done with preaching after there was so much negative coverage in the media about his ministry.  We visited his facebook fan page for the church and there was even one person encouraging him not to quit his ministry.  However, one question comes to mind and that is, will he ever become a pastor again?   You know, no one should be standing in the pulpit unless God called them to preach.

We noticed that Pastor Mason Betha's previous ministry website has been down for time now.  So, we cannot help but wonder who will take over the church that was located in two locations: Phoenix, Arizona and Atlanta, Georgia?   If no one takes over, it's probably good, because we know God is tired of all these pastors who are not living up to his standard of pure holiness.  It makes him so unhappy when they cannot make a decision to serve Him or do their own thing.  

In the meantime, we will keep Mase aka Mason Betha in our prayers.


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