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Louisiana pastor arrested after shooting man caught stealing from his church

This Louisiana pastor, Willie Littleton  shot a man caught stealing from his church. Although, the Bible does say, 'thou shall not steal', it also says, 'thou shall not kill'.  So, tell us, what type of example does Littleton or any other pastor set when they use guns to harm anyone for any reason?   We are living in an era when there are hardly any morals, homosexuality is not the only issue.   We say it time and time again, if these pastors would stop committing their own sins, then maybe gay people would listen to them, but-they have not been holy themselves.

New Orleans pastor arrested after shooting man caught stealing from his church

A Louisiana pastor was arrested Thursday after shooting a man who was stealing from his church.

Pastor Willie Littleton was charged with aggravated battery for an incident that occurred outside of Greater Morning Star Baptist Church in...Read full article, here.

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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Victoria Osteen Tell Congregants ‘You Don’t Worship for God, You’re Doing It for Yourself’: She's Going to Hell If She Doesn't Repent!!!

The Osteen's already had enough trouble, it doesn't seem like they would allegedly teach their congregants to be selfish.  Victoria Osteen told Lakewood church followers, 'You don't worship for God, you're doing it for yourself.'   

There is a reason why we see that big globe in their church and not a cross.  There not fooling nobody, they are into some sort of secret doctrine.  Why would she say such a thing? How can Joel Osteen just stand there a smile?   God is against idolatry and when we love ourselves more than God, it is a sin, it's a form of idolatry.  What came out of Victoria Osteen's mouth seems like a demon from the pit of hell.  If she doesn't repent, she will go straight to hell, because no one should think when we worship God, we're not doing it for Him.    

God is greater than we will ever be.  He is the reason why we're here.  If we didn't have God, we would be turned over to the Devil.  So, who are the Osteen's worshiping, God or the Devil?

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Victoria Osteen In Hot Water for Telling Congregants ‘You Don’t Worship for God, You’re Doing It for Yourself’

Victoria Osteen’s comments on obedience to God have got her in hot water with some in the Christian community, with some even calling it blasphemous.

Osteen, co-pastor of Lakewood Church in Houston with her husband Joel, made the comments during a church service...Read full article, here.

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Celebrity News: Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade's Wedding Guests Will Sign a Confidentiality Agreement

Now that Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade are tying the knot, we assume they want to be cautious about who attends their wedding.  Since Wade had negative media coverage about his previous marriage, we can't blame them for being careful.  There are always people who are out to make some money on celebrities.  So, they are doing the right thing to make their guests sign a confidentiality agreement.

According to, guests have already been told not to bring cell phones or cameras to the wedding this Saturday in South Florida.

We'll keep you posted on any further information we receive about Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade's wedding, if we receive it.

Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade's Wedding Guests Will Sign a Confidentiality Agreement 

Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade are about to tie the knot and want their ceremony to remain top secret. To prevent any information from getting out, the couple is requiring that all guests sign a confidentiality...Read full article, here.


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Listen to One of Apostle Lobias Murray's Best Sermons, "THE WILD VINE"

Here is one of the best sermons Apostle Lobias Murray preached, it's called "The Wild Vine." We really thank God for this man of God who taught us not to stray away from holiness.  In this particular sermon he instructs us not to follow false doctrines that is not what is taught in the Word of God.  Be careful who tries to persuade you to leave the way of holiness. When you want to do things your own way, you are a part of the wild vine. Those who have strayed away from pure holiness are a part of the wild vine.  You will be destroyed if you choose the wild vine.  Be blessed and enjoy Apostle Lobias sermon, 'The Wild Vine.'

  Listen to "The Wild Vine"

TBN Founder Paul Crouch, Earl Paulk and Oral Roberts Linked to Mafia Drugs and White Supremacists

If this story is true, we would not be surprised. We always suspected Paul Crouch and family were racists along with the others. Black folks thought they were going somewhere when they were invited to TBN to preach, host or perform. From what we knew back in the day, TBN never paid any hosts or performers to be on the "Praise the Lord" show. It was just a place to get support and maybe they received a donation.

Read more at:

TBN Founder Paul Crouch, Earl Paulk and Oral Roberts Linked to Mafia Drugs and White Supremacists | AT2W

John Lennon's Assassin says his life is all about Jesus Christ

Mark David Chapman claims to be a changed man through Jesus Christ.  He admits what he did was wrong and is now fully focused on reaching lost souls through he and his wife's ministry.   This is truly a testimony, after we allegedly learned about a hell testimony of teens who saw John Lennon in hell. 

According to, Chapman apologized for the pain he caused Lennon, his family and his millions of fans: "I am sorry for being such an idiot and choosing the wrong way for glory. I found my peace in Jesus. I know Him. He loves me. He has forgiven me." 

In the meantime, we will continue to pray for Mark David Chapman and thank God for his deliverance and his ministry.

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 John Lennon's Assassin: My Life Is All About Jesus 

Cathy Lynn Grossman/RNS

The man who murdered John Lennon wants only one thing now—to tell others about Jesus.

Mark David Chapman, 59, told parole examiners he was no longer the man who sought notoriety...Read full article, here.



Pat Robertson Claims Teen Is Gay Because He's Raised by Single Mom


The issue of many teen boys being raised without a father is nothing new, it's been going on for years.  In this case, a step-mother wrote into the CBN program and asked what should be done about her step-son having crush on boys.  Pat Robertson said, it's because the boy probably going through this issue, because he's not around his father. 

According to, Robertson responded that while many people "think they are born that way," he disagrees and considers "nurture" to be the primary factor. 

We agree with Robertson, but one thing to remember is that it happens to girls too, if a mother does not pay attention to her daughter, then she will look for love in women.  Therefore, this ancient issue is not just about alleged sin, but it's about lacking role models in a family that needs a father and a mother.

Pat Robertson Claims Teen Is Gay Because He's Raised by Single Mom

Controversial televangelist Pat Robertson has recently claimed that a teenage boy brought up by his single mother is showing signs of being gay because of the absence of a father figure.

During the "Bring It On" segment on an episode of the long-running series...Read full article, here.


Pastor Committed Suicide after Getting Man's Wife Pregnant 4 Times

This is why the Word of God forewarns us not to sin, this pastor committed suicide, he drank poison after getting a man's wife pregnant 4 times.  Reverend Menard Zvenyika  could not deal with the humiliation and died on his way to the hospital, according to our source.

The woman was forced to have abortions with the first 3 pregnancies, but the fourth time, she finally bore a son.   According to, Mukobvu testified in court that the adulterous relationship between his wife and Zvenyika destroyed their marriage and his wife was willing to testify in court as to the accuracy of his statements.

We have a message for you pastors who are committing adultery and doing other types of sin, 'stop the sinning and start focusing on winning souls for Christ. For as long as you sin, the world won't take you seriously or even come to Christ, because they know there are too many hypocrites in the pulpit and in the church.'

Pastor Drinks Poison after Getting Man's Wife Pregnant 4 Times

By BMS Staff

(BlackMediaScoop) After being slapped with a civil lawsuit of $10,000 for allegedly impregnating another man’s wife, Reverend Menard Zvenyika was due to appear before a disciplinary hearing of his church.

Zvenyika apparently couldn’t face any further humiliation and...Read full article, here.


Prophet Brian Carn and Tim Clinton Debate about Fornicaton!


We thank God for Prophet Carn upholding the standard of holiness.  He allegedly tweeted with this preacher, Tim Clinton (below photo) about fornication.When it comes to biblical commandments, there should be no confusion about it, but evidently, we have some rebellious preachers these days.   Tim Clinton allegedly says like Detrick Haddon there are no scriptures to prove it's wrong to shack.  However, Prophet Brian Carn proved him wrong and called shacking what it is, sin. 

This is why you must be led by the Spirit and not follow everybody in the pulpit. It's a dangerous thing for Tim Clinton to debate with Prophet Carn on this issue.  You see, why homosexuals are winning their rights in this country? Too many of these preachers want to prove that it's not wrong to shack.  Wow, many of these preachers want to say it's okay to shack, but stop gay marriage, that's no power.  How can you stop gay marriage, if you don't want to marry and argue it's okay to shack?

Prophet Brian Carns and Tim Clinton Tackle the Subject of Fornicaton!


FBI Files Link 3 Christian Televangelists To Mafia, Gun Running, Narcotics, White Supremacy!

Now of course we know God will bless the body of Christ to broadcast the gospel worldwide, He can do anything, but-deep down inside, we know something wasn't right with TBN and it's founder, Paul Crouch.  Allegedly, Crouch was tied to the mafia, gun running, narcotics and white supremacy.   A lot of you folks in the black church worship white America so much, you won't except the truth, but facts from the FBI don't lie.   

According to,  not only Paul Crouch, but also the late Earl Paulk and Oral Roberts were connected to white supremacy.  We're not surprised, because on a lot of the previous tapings, we noticed how Paul and his wife Jan would often be on stage with a lot of black preachers seated in back of them like they were slaves.  However, we don't blame the Crouch's for that, it didn't have to happen if they didn't allow it.  So many of these black preachers and gospel artists are so hungry for money, they seem to idolize the Crouch's and TBN.  We often would hear a lot of them say, 'thank God for Paul and Jan', when he and possibly his wife were connected to the underworld and the white power movement all along.  This is why today's black church is so messed up, we've got a lot of mega ministries getting rich off of going on these christian networks, but behind the scenes all the founders care about is them bringing in money for them.

A lot of you Christians prayed for Paul Crouch to be healed, but it couldn't happen, if he was connected to the white supremacists, dealing drugs, gunning and the mafia.   TBN brings in millions, probably billions of dollars and many of you black preachers of mega ministries, probably know how they got it too.  Let us assure you God's is going to get you for depending on some mess like this to build your mega ministries.  Many of you black gospel artists and famous preachers of the mega ministry movement who were close to the Crouch's knew about this mess, you ought to be ashamed of yourselves.   For years, many of you famous preachers would go on TBN and raise money on their 'Praise-a-thon', or whatever they call it, and the founder allegedly was up to no good, all along.   A lot of you are going to fry in hell unless you repent.   Furthermore, many of you have read previous testimonies on this blog about people who have visited hell.  No wonder some of them claim to have seen some pastors down there pleading to give back all the money they stole through tithes and offerings from people.  A lot of you gospel artists and black preachers have been a part of a modern day slave movement for years, but as long as you were bringing in millions through TBN, you didn't care.   Now, look at how all the dirt is coming out from the FBI files.

FBI Files Link Christian TelevangelistsTo Mafia, Gun Running, Narcotics, White Supremacy!

Lord have mercy, I’m flabbergasted by this news. Unbelievable! co-founder of...Read full article, here.
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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Rap Artist Lord Jamar Says Ma$e Turned to Ministry to Avoid Problems In the Music Industry

We're not surprised of Hip-Hop artist, Lord Jamar's alleged confession, regarding Ma$e.  He says that he begin his previous ministry to avoid problems in the music industry.  Of course, it takes someone like Lord Jamar to know what's going on, on the inside.  If this is true, Ma$e didn't have to begin ministry to avoid trouble, all he had to do is fully turn and surrender to God.   However, we do see what Lord Jamar is saying on this following video.  If Ma$e is in the ministry, then people would be scared to mess with him. 

Of course, we can't believe everything we hear, but Lord Jamar could be telling the truth.  Now, we can probably understand why Ma$e was yet doing his rap career while yet in the ministry, allegedly.  However, serving two masters could have put him in worst jeopardy. We sincerely hope Ma$e makes a wise decision and just leave the music industry and seek God.   He does not have to become a minister for God to protect him.   In the meantime, we will continue to keep Ma$e in our prayers.

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Hip-Hop Artist Lord Jamar Says Ma$e Turned to Ministry to Avoid Problems In the Music Industry

Lord Jamar recently sat down with VladTV and shared his opinion on Mase returning to rap full time, saying that the Harlem rapper-turned-preacher-turned rapper has been teetering with that decision for years...Read full article, here.


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Wyoming Pastor Dennis Davis Shot and Wounded with his Own Handgun During Alleged Robbery at Church

It's very sad to admit, even in a country area, there are criminals who will rob a church.  Pastor Dennis Davis of Centennial Valley Community Church stopped one, but accidentally shot himself in the abdomen.  It seems like this could have happened before.  Why would Pastor Davis have a gun as though he was prepared to shoot this robber? 

According to, Randy Svalina of Centennial serves on the board of elders of the church. He said Wednesday afternoon that surgery at a Cheyenne hospital apparently went well for Davis.  

Thank God, Pastor Davis is going to be okay?  We pray that this criminal is caught and he and this Wyoming church remains safe.

Wyoming Pastor Dennis Davis Shot and Wounded with his Own Handgun During Alleged Robbery at Church

A Wyoming pastor was shot and wounded with his own handgun after apparently interrupting a burglary at his rural church.

Dennis Lynn Davis, 44, pastor of the Centennial Valley Community Church, about 28 miles west of Laramie, was airlifted to a...Read full article, here.

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Noose Found Hanging on City Truck in Oakland California

It's very sad to witness what has occurred in Oakland in the 21st century.  For this reason, we recalled when there was once a lot of strength among successful black people there.   We watched how black residents begin to divide as whites and Asians began moving in to dominate the city. We remember when a lot of successful black business owners controlled the wealth back in the 1970's, then in the 80's and 90's we noticed how many black residents began to destroy their own community with much crime.   

Then, as some African Americans began passing away, many others struggled to move away to the Central Valley in Stockton and Sacramento.  Now, we are hearing the latest news of racism since Oscar Grant's death.   It's just like any other city in America that was once dominated by successful African Americans, the majority of the the blame is on black community for lacking love, peace and unity among themselves.    

Since the tragedy of Oscar Grant, Trayvon Martin and now Mike Brown, we are hearing about a noose hanging on a truck in Oakland, California.  Don't you know God has something to say about all of this?   God is waiting on the black race to repent for all of the years of much rebellion, after He gave them equality in America.  The reports may not stop and a series of racial tragedies may get so bad, history we reverse all the way.  God wants the black race to turn away from wickedness, no longer idolize other cultures and finally submit like the children of Israel.

Noose Found Hanging on Oakland City Truck Used by Black Employees

Oakland police say they are investigating reports that a noose was found placed on a city Public Works truck used by African American employees, and the workers union says they have no...Read full article, here.

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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Rev. Bernice King Carries Message of Love and Nonviolence to Ferguson

Rev. Bernice King is carrying on her father's dream.  It was over 40 years ago when Dr. Martin Luther King was assassinated after spreading the message of peace and nonviolence.  The sad thing is this, we're in the 21st century and although, there is a lot of diversity, there is yet racism while the black race is more divided than ever.   As we've told you before, the only answer is for the black race is to totally surrender to Christ.    

We believe that although Dr. King did a good deed years ago, Jesus Christ already died for everything we go through.  We really feel the message from Christ has been ignored by many who are spiritually blind, not able to comprehend that blacks and whites may never be at peace, simply because there is no love and peace among blacks, alone.  There's too much hatred among black people and God's plan is for African Americans to totally surrender to Him, then when there is love and respect for each other, then racism may finally cease.

Bernice King Carries Message of Love and Nonviolence to Ferguson

The youngest child of the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. leaned toward the 30 students facing her inside the library at Riverview Gardens High School on Tuesday (Aug. 26). Many of them live near the epicenter of...Read full article, here.


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(AP Photo/John Bazemore) | ASSOCIATED PRESS


Rapper Mentors Drug Kingpins for Christ: Does God approve of D. Will's Rap Music?

This rapper, D. Will aka David Williams has been witnessing through his street ministry to drug kingpins.  However, we don't know if God approves of his rap music.  We don't know if you recall, but we gave you the testimony about Angelica Zambrano who allegedly claims she saw a christian rapper in hell. Why?  Because she said the guy in hell said he did not worship God or pray.   

The rapper who is in hell who thought he was doing a good deed by rapping to witness to gangsters on the street did not worship Christ.   This is her testimony below, the message Angelica was to bring back is to tell the youth, the whole church to worship Jesus and not rap.    However, if D. Will is separating his street ministry from rapping, then Jesus may have mercy on him.  Listen to Angelica Zambrano's testimony, in case you missed it.  God bless.

Stop at 30:35, Angelica Zambrano Testimony


Rapper Mentors Drug Kingpins for Christ and Garners Support From Rochester Mayor With Men of God Ministry

A Rochester, New York rapper runs the street ministry M.O.G. (Men of God) where he mentors drug kingpins and has the full support from the city's mayor based on...Read full article, here.

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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Hollywood News: Producer in Beverly Hills for Emmy Pre-Party Mistaken for Bank Robber, Held 6 Hours

When we tell you, that racism is just one type of evil, believe it.   We mean no harm, but this case of a Beverly Hills producer being mistaken for a robber occurred because it's simply a spiritual matter. Although, we haven't heard this is a racist case, it's as though we automatically can feel it, because it seems like racial profiling. 

After Trayvon Martin, then another young black guy getting shot in Jacksonville, Florida, not long after that was just a reminder that things would get worse and we are seeing it.  However, you've got to be honest, have the majority of black men set a positive example?  Have the majority of black men who have made it to the top lived as though they do not identify with their own kind?  Not saying that this producer gets what he deserves, but we are talking about overall cases that have hit the news for the past few years, before and after Ferguson.  It seems like God is allowing these cases to occur not only because many black people have killed each other all sorts of ways, but simply because they have not worshiped Him.  The demon of racism is hitting those in the hood and even the most wealthiest black people.  We've also heard of some police brutality against black women; the latest cases that hit the news was in Los Angeles and then the professor in Phoenix Arizona.   

For too long, God has been trying to get the attention of black people to repent and turned to Him.  Not saying that the ones who have been attacked by police have lived a bad life, but-God allows certain things to get the attention of those who have been rebellious within the race.  For we cannot live like other cultures who have not served God, because the black race was the only race, once enslaved in this country, very similar to the children of Israel.   Therefore, in order for God to deliver African Americans from this agent demon of white superiority in America, they must first turn from their wickedness of hatred against Him, themselves and each other.   Many of them must stop idolizing the white race, start worshiping God and make a vow to serve Him for the rest of their lives.   

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Producer in Beverly Hills for Emmy Pre-Party Mistaken for Bank Robber, Held 6 Hours

by Anthony Kurzweil

A film producer who was in Beverly Hills to attend a pre-Emmy party Friday night was handcuffed and detained for about six hours before authorities investigating a nearby bank robbery realized they had the...Read full article, here.


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Pastor Kong Hee Rejects Claim He Was in Charge of Company Behind Pop Star Wife's Music Career

Although Pastor Kong Hee denies he was promoting his wife's career, in our opinion, he was still wrong for allowing her to do it.  The Bible says he wants us to have no part with darkness (2 Cor. 6:14), we are to be holy (I Peter 1:16), completely different from the world.   No first lady is ever excused for being any sort of secular music star.   Since he is the head in his marriage, as the Word of God says in Ephesians 5:23, he had the power to tell her she could not be a pop star.  

Ho Yeow Sun was supposed to be an example of a virtuous woman, so other women in their church would follow.  If there is no first lady to show an example of purity, then how can we expect the women in the church to have any direction to become holy?  Pastor Kong Hee knew this and there is no excuse.  Although, he may not have been in charge, he still allowed and God never accept it.

Pastor Kong Hee Rejects Claim He Was in Charge of Company Behind Pop Star Wife's Music Career

By Stoyan Zaimov , Christian Post Reporter

City Harvest Church pastor Kong Hee has rejected claims that he had total control over the company that managed his wife Ho Yeow Sun's music career, in...Read full article, here.


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Pastor Daniel E. Sutton Accused of Trying to Sell Church Property

Allegedly, Pastor Daniel E. Sutton of Second Pilgrim Baptist Church is accused of trying to sell church property.  This is not the first time, we are hearing about a pastor selling church property.  If you recall not too long ago a California pastor and his wife was accused of doing the same thing.   Are these pastors facing so much debt, they are using the church to solve the problem?   

According to, church members are also angry that Sutton wants to move the church to a property at 7th Street and Tabor Road in Olney that has no sewer connections. Walker said the current water bill of about $300 a month would rise to about $1,000 in Olney.

In the meantime, we will you posted on any further information about Pastor Sutton trying to sell church property. 

Rev Daniel E. Sutton Tries To Sell Church Property According To Lawsuit: Congregation Says He Is Only An Employee

Rev. Daniel E. Sutton had to receive a stern reminder last week that the Pastor is not the “King” of the congregation, but only an employee. Rev. Daniel Sutton was hired only 8 years ago and in...Read full article, here.

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Monday, August 25, 2014

Rev. Al Sharpton Spoke the Truth about Black People Disrespecting each other At Michael Brown's Funeral

We were so touched when we heard Rev. Al Sharpton say, 'we have to be outraged at our disrespect of each other.'  Now, although, we expected for Rev. Al Sharpton to call all black people up to the altar for repentance, at least he told the truth about blacks disrespecting and killing each other.  However, we yet believe there can never be healing without the majority of African Americans totally surrendering to Jesus Christ. Many black people must get their heart right with God first, before we can see love and unity.  Hatred and jealousy among black people who claim to know Christ must stop.  For it you hate your brother and sister and seek to bring them down, then as Rev. Sharpton said, 'Michael Brown's tragedy won't be the last one.' For too many black women are hating each other while black men are doing just the same, then whenever there is racism within our society, the black community is powerless.  So many times, black people have sought to unite with whites instead of desiring to love and unite among each other.  So, the only way to fix it, is for the majority of African Americans to want God in their lives, admit their faults, change and no longer worship white people as though they are superior. 

Rev. Al Sharpton's speech at Michael Brown's Funeral


Thousands Attend Funeral for Michael Brown as Community Searches for Meaning After his Death

With his speech today, did Al Sharpton establish himself as a national leader of all races, and not just a black leader or a “race hustler”? In our opinion, Al Sharpton got down today on both sides of the issue, dealing with white racism and police brutality, as well as black irresponsibility, and blacks disrespecting each other and...Read full article, here.


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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Listen to One of Apostle Lobias Murray's Best Sermons, 'This Time Tomorrow'

We want to share with you another video of the late Apostle Lobias Murray, blessing us with another sermon.  Apostle Lobias Murray encourages us with a message of faith.  We learn not to give up and expect God's miracle for us.  It does not matter what you are going through, God has a blessing waiting.  Sometimes, it feels like we are all alone and God does not hear our prayer, but God is going to change things and the outcome will definitely be a testimony.  However, we must have faith without doubt for our blessing to happen.  We praise God for Apostle Lobias Murray blessing us with his sermon, 'This Time Tomorrow.'

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Photo: YouTube Upload

Rev. Fredrick D. Robinson Says We Can't Have Diversity In Our Churches Without First Dealing With Injustice

Respectively, it's a waste of time and the topic of no diversity unless dealing with injustice is very ancient Of course Rev. Fredrick Robinson may disagree, because his mindset could be back in the 20th century.  It's time for black people to accept and love who they are and stop the hatred among themselves.   

For too long, most black people have denied their heritage and idolized the white race when they should have been worshiping God.   If white is seen as more beautiful to most black people, how can we expect justice whenever there is a tragedy like in Ferguson?   It's time for the entire race of black people to seek God more than ever before, because judgement has been for those who have resented the way God created them while killing each other all sorts of ways.   We say 'no' to Rev. Robinson, 'there must be first ultimate love for God from the race of black people and then love and unity among themselves.'  For this reason, diversity with other races has always been irrelevant, if there could never be any love and unity among the race of black people.  It's time for the majority of black people to accept the fact that there has been injustice and unfair treatment within the race.  No doubt, then God will will allow justice will happen when African Americans will start examining themselves. 

Baptist Preacher Fredrick D. Robinson Says We Cannot Have True Diversity In Our Churches Without First Dealing With the Injustice That Still Exists In Society

On day five after the shooting death of unarmed black teen Michael Brown at the hands of police, I was on the phone with a white Christian and fellow preacher concerning the racial cauldron...Read full article, here.


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Saturday, August 23, 2014

Deitrick Haddon Compares His Marriage with Domonique to Ex Wife: Haddon's Comments Are Selfish and Ungodly!!

In our opinion, Haddon responding after Damita finally let out her pain, is very selfish and he shouldn't be speaking out as though he's a part of some competition   We've had enough of him allegedly showing off with his younger wife, allegedly throwing out a bit in the pulpit while on 'Preachers of LA'.  We don't think it's right for him to say anything, after allegedly offending his ex-wife, Damita.  

Damita has a right to let out her pain, she was silent from the beginning of his relationship with this second wife and during the entire taping of the reality show. He's supposed to be a man of God, then he should be able to deal with Damita finally telling her side of the story; for she has been nothing but a lady, a true woman of God.  Damita was never blessed to bore a child with him as far as we know and the fact that he's got a new family he should be able to move on with his life and keep his mouth shut.  As a so-call man of God, he cannot carry on in public like an ungodly man.  When he was married to Damita, he allegedly was by her side to stand against same sex marriage in this country.  How can he ever preach against it, if he couldn't make it right with his first wife?  Just take a moment and watch this video he made at the anti-gay rally with his lovely ex-wife, Damita. 

Watch Video

God don't like ugly.  What he said is not even worth mentioning on here, but you can read it for yourself.  In conclusion Haddon thinks he can allegedly brag his one year marriage is more successful to his former 14 year marriage to Damita, God certainly will have the last say.  For you cannot hurt the one you first vowed to love and think God don't see it. 

Galatians 6:7 says, 'Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man sows, that shall he also reap.

Go Damita, you go girl!!

Deitrick Haddon Compares His One Year Marriage to Domonique with 14 years to Ex Wife  

by Crystal Smith

So apparently it’s Deitrick Haddon’s turn to clap back. A few months ago, we told you that his’ ex-wife, Damita, broke her silence regarding their split and him stepping out on her. Now, he’s back to speaking about their split again as well. For one, he says that just one year in...Read full article,


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Tulsa Pastor, Reverend Willard Jones Pleads Not Guilty To Embezzlement Charges


Pastor Willard Jones pleads not guilty to embezzlement charges, after spending it mostly on luxury items.  The money belong to the community center built by his church. We wonder what's next for his congregation at Cornerstone Baptist Church.  

According to, Jones made his first appearance in court Friday. He told the judge he understands the charges against him but he couldn't afford to hire a private attorney. 

In the meantime, we will keep Pastor Willard Jones in our prayers.

 Watch Video - Tulsa, OK - News, Weather, Video and Sports - |

Tulsa Pastor Pleads Not Guilty To Embezzlement Charges

TULSA, Oklahoma -A Tulsa pastor pleads not guilty to accusations he embezzled nearly a million dollars.

Reverend Willard Jones of Cornerstone Baptist Church is accused of stealing from a...Read full article, here.

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Is Abandonment by the (Black) Church the Cause for Ferguson Pain?

You maybe surprised, but as you know sometimes, we do speak on racial issues whenever necessary.  We have admitted to you before that most black churches no longer consider the welfare of the black community, not just in Ferguson.   We just read an article written by Carl W. Kenney II who is an adjunct instructor in the journalism at the University of Missouri, but we have so much more to add. Before you read, please acknowledge that the pain there in Ferguson has occurred in many black neighborhoods for least 25 years.

We have to somewhat agree with him.  Here's why, the majority of the black church have focused so much on the prosperity gospel, the foundation within the black community is no longer there. The foundation is lost because the substance of being holy has been absent and made mockery of.  Therefore, most preachers within the black church across America have considered the black youth to assist their wealth with the hip hop gospel and Christian culture.  Yes, we can somewhat agree with this professor, but we see many black churchgoers and church officials focus on earning so much wealth, the black family has become irrelevant while they yearn to mingle with whites and share the wealth in mega ministries.   Interim of course, the Devil will step into the black community where there is no strength and we continue to hear of tragedies like Ferguson, but let's be real, it's been all across America.  Therefore, if the black church refuses to grasp the foundation of holiness like years ago while calling it tradition, then white supremacy will continue to grow along with black on black crime, everywhere in America.

According to, Professor Kenney stated in the article, 'Ferguson is a story about abandonment. It began when white residents left due to the rise in black population. Some blacks left in search of the American dream defined by the percentage of white residents. Churches followed by abandoning their mission around the corner.'  

In conclusion, Professor Kenney's article reveals what is obvious among many black neighborhoods in America and if we could get rid of today's popularity of celebrity preachers living large like white preachers who only care about the prosperity gospel, then most likely it wouldn't be much of an issue.  We say to the black church, repent for not only abandoning the black community while idolizing whites in mega ministries, but also repent for not calling black families up to your altars to cry out to God and seek Him.  Preachers, repent for not preaching unity within the black community and just focusing on your multi-cultural congregations, because of the money you gain in your bank accounts.  Repent for not witnessing to the black community and just focusing on gang members who can make you wealthy through christian rap and hip hop gospel.  So, the cause for Ferguson pain is much deeper than today's black church, it happened years ago when the love for black families and most of all, love for God became irrelevant.

Source and photo: 

P. Diddy Calls Out Obama About Ferguson Shooting

It's has been pretty apparent in the news that some people do not like the lack of address from the President about the shooting of Mike Ferguson by Officer Darren Wilson. Most people are upset that no arrest has been made in the teen's case but celebrity hip hop mogul P.Diddy has stepped up about it on his own and challenges the President.

Read more at:

P. Diddy Calls Out Obama About Ferguson Shooting “These Are Your People”, He Says | AT2W

TB Joshua Gives Sierra Leone 4,000 Bottles of ‘Holy Water’?

TB Joshua-003

Now, there's a well known pastor who has free given Sierra Leone a gift to fight the disease. In order to help the West African country fight the escalating Ebola crisis, Nigerian Christian preacher Temitope Joshua says he has sent the Sierra Leone government 4,000 bottles of his patented holy anointed water and $50,000 in cash in a private jet,

Read more at:

Pastor TB Joshua Gives Sierra Leone 4,000 Bottles of ‘Holy Water’? | AT2W

Comedian Rodney Perry Interviews “Preacher’s Exes” Cast

Rodney Perry interviews live, the cast of a new reality show, Preachers' Exes. On Monday, August 18, 2014 at 2 PM EST, the interview was in full effect.

Read more at:

Rodney Perry Interviews “Preacher’s Exes” Cast with a Comedic Curve | AT2W

Friday, August 22, 2014

Muscle Shoals police, church pastor discuss arrest of former youth minister

This former youth minister, Charles Kyle Adcock has been arrested for allegedly molesting a teenage girl.  Some of the molestations took place at a church in Alabama.  However, Charles Kyle Adcock must have been hiding in Texas, but now he must face charges where he committed the crime.     

According to, Muscle Shoals Police say the victim is a female who was under the age of 16 when the incidents took place between 2010 and 2012.  Police say some of the incidents happened at the church and others took place at his residence in Muscle Shoals. 
In the meantime, we pray Adcock repents before it's everlasting too late. 

 Watch Video

Muscle Shoals police, church pastor discuss arrest of former youth minister

by Claire Aiello and Carter Watkins

MUSCLE SHOALS, Ala. (WHNT) – More details emerged Thursday about the arrest of a former youth minister in Muscle Shoals.  The man was arrested in Texas...Read full article, here.


Source and Photo:

Rev. R.B. Holmes to Lead 1000 Pastors in Holding Prayer Service and Rally After Michael Brown’s Funeral

This is the first we've heard about a prayer service, after Michael Brown's death, God bless this man of God, Rev. R. B. Holmes.   Tell us, what would a rally be without prayer?  God expects for men and women of God to not just hold a prayer service, but to also call those within the black community unto repentance; hopefully Rev. R. B. Holmes will do just that.

Rev. R.B. Holmes to Lead 1000 Pastors in Holding Prayer Service and Rally After Michael Brown’s Funeral on Tuesday

Michael Brown’s funeral is scheduled for Monday, August 25th.

The 18 year old’s death and the aftermath have been the subject of protests nationwide. But a Tallahassee pastor is...Read full article, here.

Source and Photo:


Thursday, August 21, 2014

COGIC Bishop Charles E. Blake Sr. Calls for Peace In Wake of Michael Brown Shooting,

Respectively, we fully agree with Bishop Charles Blake, but we sincerely feel as he calls for peace, he should also call the entire black community across America into repentance.  We live in a society that has gotten away from God.   Specifically, African Americans are held to a higher standard, because the race was enslaved in this country.  Like the children of Israel, the majority of the race is expected to repent for their rebellion and not worshiping God.   Black families should repent for not holding a standard of pure holiness.  It's time to call all black men and black women to repent for not being a positive example for the youth and raising them to fully accept and obey complete morals and values.  We cannot ever have peace until the majority of African Americans repent for idolizing white America and not worshiping God.  Dr. Martin Luther King was born and then died over 40 years ago and although, he left the right concept for peace, African Americans lack unity among themselves.  Peace comes from God and the only way to receive it is to totally surrender and repent for disobedience.

COGIC Bishop Charles E. Blake Sr. Calls for Peace In Wake of Michael Brown Shooting, Prayer for Ferguson

The Church of God in Christ (COGIC) joins the family of Michael Brown in asking for calm and peace in the aftermath of the shooting and killing of their son. Eighteen year old Brown, known as a “gentle giant,” was only...Read full article, here.


 Source and


Pastor Jorge Vasquez Arrested For Molesting 2 Children & 2 Women

Pastor Jorge Vasquez has been accused of molesting 2 women and 2 children and it's been going on since 2007.  Now we don't know all the facts, but it's very sad that Vasquez was preaching God's Word and carrying on as though he was a righteous family man.  However, he was a wolf in sheep's clothing and his wicked ways caught up with him. 

According to, Pastor Jorge Vasquez faces multiple counts of child molestation, sexual conduct with a minor, sexual abuse and sexual assault.  

In the meantime, we pray that Pastor Jorge Vasquez repents before it's everlasting too late.

 Watch Video

Pastor Jorge Vasquez Arrested For Molesting 2 Children & 2 Women!

We have just learned that  Pastor Jorge Vasquez (age 47) has been arrested for molesting two children during counseling sessions in the pastor’s study / office.

Pastor Jorge Vasquez is also charged with Inappropriate Sexual Contact with two...Read full article, here.


Andrew Scott Gaynier Unarmed White Man: Killed Two Days After Michael Brown In Dallas

This time a white man was gunned down by police, but-we will say it again, it's time to get right with God.  Also, in this case it seems like police was not wrong when they allegedly asked Andrew Gaynier to comply.  Gaynier was allegedly accused of making lewd comments to women, someone reported in a 911 report.   

Whether you be white, black, Hispanic or Asian, you must obey police when he or she tells you to stop.  Do you know what this reveals? Most of the problems that deal with officers gunning down people has nothing to do with race, but it has do with people refusing to obey the laws of the land.   

Romans 13:1-7 says this, 'Let every person be subject to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God, and those that exist have been instituted by God. Therefore whoever resists the authorities resists what God has appointed, and those who resist will incur judgment. For rulers are not a terror to good conduct, but to bad. Would you have no fear of the one who is in authority? Then do what is good, and you will receive his approval, for he is God's servant for your good. But if you do wrong, be afraid, for he does not bear the sword in vain. For he is the servant of God, an avenger who carries out God's wrath on the wrongdoer. Therefore one must be in subjection, not only to avoid God's wrath but also for the sake of conscience.'

Watch Video


Andrew Scott Gaynier Unarmed White Man: Killed Two Days After Michael Brown In Dallas Dallas Bureau 

Just two days after Michael Brown was killed, a White Unarmed Man was also shot and killed by Dallas Police, the victim was Andrew Scott Gaynier age 26. Though there has not been massive...Read full article, here.

Source, Video, Photo: 

Another Black Man Shot Dead by St. Louis Police: The Answer is Jesus Christ

Kajieme Powell is another black man who has been shot and killed by police.  However, we cannot say it's because of his race, simply because in this particular video, he's ignores police when they tell him to stop.  Allegedly, Powell has a knife in his hand and walks towards them.   Police are doing their job and if this guy was instigating after the death of Michael Brown, it's not their problem. In this world there are spiritual laws we must abide by, there is a right and a wrong.  If you don't do right, accept and obey Jesus Christ, then you pay the consequences.  The only answer to stop black men and also black women from dying before their time is Jesus Christ.   

For years, there has been an issue of injustice, but a lot of times, that's not what it is.  For too long Jesus Christ has been waiting on the black race to repent and totally surrender to his will, after the era of slavery, after millions have died of AIDS, and after so many killing each other, but many refuse to do so.   The only way black people can prolong their lives and stop the issue of violence is to accept Jesus Christ as their personal Savior, fully obey Him, repent for idolizing white people, resenting and killing themselves and each other.

Watch Video


Source and Photo:

Listen to One of Apostle Lobias Murray's Best Sermons, "WHY CALL ME LORD,LORD?"

Apostle Lobias Murray has always blessed us with his sermons about being holy.   This is one of his best sermons, "Why Call Me Lord, Lord?"  He speaks about how women within the body of Christ should dress.  He speaks about how saints should not be claiming their saved while doing ungodly things, living like the world.   Apostle Murray describes why you can't claim Jesus as Lord and live in adultery, including preachers.  He says you can't do worldly things and claim you are saved.  He goes on to say, 'If you want to live for the Lord, you must come out of sin...'  

Praise God, although Apostle Lobias Murray is in heaven, we sure appreciate and yet enjoy his sermons.  We also pray for God to raise up more preachers of pure holiness and give these modern day preachers a mind to step down, because they are more focused on keeping membership than purify souls who follow them.  Also, too many of them are living double lives while claiming they are saved and this is not a good example for people sinners and people within the body of Christ.

Watch Video

Photo: YouTube Upload

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

San Diego Megachurch May Pay $1M to Share Arts Center; City Officials Hope Deal Will Revitalize El Cajon Economy

Allegedly, several months ago there was not good news about Rock church in San Diego, but this time it's positive news.  The church wishes to pay $1 million to share the Performing Arts Center, which could revitalize El Cajon economy.  Finally, we are hearing something positive about a mega-ministry doing something to help other people.  You know, in this era there are so many pastors enjoying their wealth, they're not even thinking about the economy.  Therefore, we hope and pray Rock Church gets the deal.

San Diego Megachurch May Pay $1M to Share Arts Center; City Officials Hope Deal Will Revitalize El Cajon Economy

By Michael Gryboski , Christian Post Reporter

A megachurch based in San Diego is eyeing the usage of a shuttered performing arts center, which may involve paying El Cajon approximately $1 million over five years which the city...Read full article, here.

Source and Photo:

(Photo: City of El Cajon) 

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