Sunday, August 10, 2014

Bishop Carlton Pearson says the Bible says the gates of hell shall not prevail!

Alright, Bishop Carlton Pearson refuses to stop his stance on hell.  Look, once Pearson closes his eyes, he's going to wish he had submitted to the full gospel truth, regarding hell and the Devil.  He doesn't know it, but Satan is laughing at him every second and waiting on him to be tossed into the pit where his demons will torment him forever and ever.   This time, Pearson explains in his own words hell is a myth and a superstitious concept, allegedly.   No, we are not going to waste our time discussing what he says, word for word, because we refuse to glorify Satan's agenda to use him to trick more souls into believing there is no hell or Devil.  However, before you read our Joy105's article about Pearson's opinion, let us share this following video and we encourage you to do a search on more hell testimonies revealed on You Tube.  God bless you.

Testimony of Hell : Pastors and Deacons in Hell


Angelica Zambrano English Heaven Hell Testimony

Carlton Pearson says the Bible says the gates of hell shall not prevail!

Jesus is quoted to have said, “Your faith has made you whole”. He could just as easily have said, your faith has made (or created for you) hell.

When you believe in something as strongly as many believe in the concept of eternal damnation in a customized torture...Read full article, here.

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