Friday, August 8, 2014

Celebrity News: Pilar Sanders’ Attorney Puts Lien on Deion Sanders Home

This is so sad how this saved celebrity couple split up and it seems to never end.  This time in the news, Deion is allegedly accused of not paying his ex-wife's legal fees and so therefore, her attorney has placed a lien on his home.   What's money after a married couple no longer has a future together?  God never intended for this to happen, but we know the answer and that's total surrender to Jesus Christ and forgiving one another in any relationship.  

In the meantime, we will keep Deion and Pilar in our prayers.

Pilar Sanders’ Attorney Puts Lien on Deion Sanders Home Because He Hasn’t Paid Any Legal Fees

Deion Sanders’ divorce from his ex-wife Pilar Sanders is taking an expensive turn. reports that Pilar’s attorney, Larry Friedman, has filed legal papers against the former NFL great, in light of claims that Sanders hasn’t made...Read full article, here.

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