Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Hollywood News: Producer in Beverly Hills for Emmy Pre-Party Mistaken for Bank Robber, Held 6 Hours

When we tell you, that racism is just one type of evil, believe it.   We mean no harm, but this case of a Beverly Hills producer being mistaken for a robber occurred because it's simply a spiritual matter. Although, we haven't heard this is a racist case, it's as though we automatically can feel it, because it seems like racial profiling. 

After Trayvon Martin, then another young black guy getting shot in Jacksonville, Florida, not long after that was just a reminder that things would get worse and we are seeing it.  However, you've got to be honest, have the majority of black men set a positive example?  Have the majority of black men who have made it to the top lived as though they do not identify with their own kind?  Not saying that this producer gets what he deserves, but we are talking about overall cases that have hit the news for the past few years, before and after Ferguson.  It seems like God is allowing these cases to occur not only because many black people have killed each other all sorts of ways, but simply because they have not worshiped Him.  The demon of racism is hitting those in the hood and even the most wealthiest black people.  We've also heard of some police brutality against black women; the latest cases that hit the news was in Los Angeles and then the professor in Phoenix Arizona.   

For too long, God has been trying to get the attention of black people to repent and turned to Him.  Not saying that the ones who have been attacked by police have lived a bad life, but-God allows certain things to get the attention of those who have been rebellious within the race.  For we cannot live like other cultures who have not served God, because the black race was the only race, once enslaved in this country, very similar to the children of Israel.   Therefore, in order for God to deliver African Americans from this agent demon of white superiority in America, they must first turn from their wickedness of hatred against Him, themselves and each other.   Many of them must stop idolizing the white race, start worshiping God and make a vow to serve Him for the rest of their lives.   

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Producer in Beverly Hills for Emmy Pre-Party Mistaken for Bank Robber, Held 6 Hours

by Anthony Kurzweil

A film producer who was in Beverly Hills to attend a pre-Emmy party Friday night was handcuffed and detained for about six hours before authorities investigating a nearby bank robbery realized they had the...Read full article, here.


Source and Photo: KTLA.com

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