Monday, August 11, 2014

Gospel Artist, Pastor Donnie McClurkin Talks About Why The Church Is ‘Big Business’

Pastor Donnie McClurkin opens up about why the church is big business, but he honestly discussed why the church should give back to the poor.  However, we disagree that it should be just one percent, let's say fifty percent of what comes into the church should be given to feed, clothe and give shelter to the poor.   In our opinion, the church is so much a big business in this age, the millions of dollars that comes in should also provide jobs.  By providing jobs, church people and even low income citizens in poor communities do not have to work minimum wage jobs and endure emotional abuse by most employers who don't care about them.  Let's go even further, since the most churches are now corporate, they can turn their money into high paid positions and create retail corporations, putting those who used to be poor at the top. 

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Donnie McClurkin Talks About Why The Church Is ‘Big Business’

Donnie McClurkin understands ministry. He was hired as an associate minister at Marvin Winans’ Perfecting Church in Detroit, in 1989. McClurkin served as an...Read full article, here.


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