Saturday, August 23, 2014

Is Abandonment by the (Black) Church the Cause for Ferguson Pain?

You maybe surprised, but as you know sometimes, we do speak on racial issues whenever necessary.  We have admitted to you before that most black churches no longer consider the welfare of the black community, not just in Ferguson.   We just read an article written by Carl W. Kenney II who is an adjunct instructor in the journalism at the University of Missouri, but we have so much more to add. Before you read, please acknowledge that the pain there in Ferguson has occurred in many black neighborhoods for least 25 years.

We have to somewhat agree with him.  Here's why, the majority of the black church have focused so much on the prosperity gospel, the foundation within the black community is no longer there. The foundation is lost because the substance of being holy has been absent and made mockery of.  Therefore, most preachers within the black church across America have considered the black youth to assist their wealth with the hip hop gospel and Christian culture.  Yes, we can somewhat agree with this professor, but we see many black churchgoers and church officials focus on earning so much wealth, the black family has become irrelevant while they yearn to mingle with whites and share the wealth in mega ministries.   Interim of course, the Devil will step into the black community where there is no strength and we continue to hear of tragedies like Ferguson, but let's be real, it's been all across America.  Therefore, if the black church refuses to grasp the foundation of holiness like years ago while calling it tradition, then white supremacy will continue to grow along with black on black crime, everywhere in America.

According to, Professor Kenney stated in the article, 'Ferguson is a story about abandonment. It began when white residents left due to the rise in black population. Some blacks left in search of the American dream defined by the percentage of white residents. Churches followed by abandoning their mission around the corner.'  

In conclusion, Professor Kenney's article reveals what is obvious among many black neighborhoods in America and if we could get rid of today's popularity of celebrity preachers living large like white preachers who only care about the prosperity gospel, then most likely it wouldn't be much of an issue.  We say to the black church, repent for not only abandoning the black community while idolizing whites in mega ministries, but also repent for not calling black families up to your altars to cry out to God and seek Him.  Preachers, repent for not preaching unity within the black community and just focusing on your multi-cultural congregations, because of the money you gain in your bank accounts.  Repent for not witnessing to the black community and just focusing on gang members who can make you wealthy through christian rap and hip hop gospel.  So, the cause for Ferguson pain is much deeper than today's black church, it happened years ago when the love for black families and most of all, love for God became irrelevant.

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