Monday, August 4, 2014

Listen: One of Apostle Lobias Murray Best Memorable Sermons, 'What In the World Has Gotten into the Church?'

In this wicked age of carnality within the church, we need to keep upholding the standard of holiness.  Although, we enjoy Bishop Herman Murray's sermons, we thought it would be a good idea to present one of his grandfather's most memorable sermons.  This one is called, 'What in the World is Gotten into the Church?'   

God is not pleased with many of these modern day ministers allowing everything sinful into the church.  We must look, act and talk holy.  The reason why many people are not fully submitting to Christ, is simply because there are too many celebrity preachers promoting the prosperity gospel, christian rock and hip hop gospel.  Too many men look like thugs and too many women are looking like harlots and one of the reasons why is because we are seeing some of these carnal preachers dressing, looking and act like it.   Homosexuality is being compromised among clergy members and God don't like it.  Just listen to what the man of God preached, 'What in the World Has Gotten into the Church?'

Watch Video

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