Sunday, August 10, 2014

Listen: One of Apostle Lobias Murray Best Memorable Sermons About the Mark of the Beast

Saints of God, in an age when we are hearing some of the most shocking changes in America, we better take heed to one of the late Apostle Lobias Murray's sermons.  These days we see a lot of rich and famous pastors holding up the corna hand sign, which is a signal to the Devil for their success, we are seeing many black music artists revealing they are connected by revealing the Baphomet, we see preachers like Bishop Carlton Pearson denying there is a hell and a Devil and in the very state where his great ministry once existed, the satanists are revealing the baphomet at the state house and holding an ceremony as though they are making a point they are dominating the where it once was the bible belt.   Yes, we have diversity more than ever, but is it good to unite with cultures who are against God and His commandments?  Is it good to fellowship with churches of any denomination who are secretly satanists?  If you are so easy to be a follower of the masses who are worshiping the Devil in order to survive in this society, then will you take the mark?



Source and Photo: You Tube Upload

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