Saturday, August 16, 2014

Minister Johnathan Gentry Tells Black Community, ‘All We Know How to Do is March, Riot, and Loot

Let us first start off by giving this man of God an applause.  Minister Johnathan Gentry is being used by God, our Father to tell the truth about many black folks who are still marching and rioting in the 21st century.   This youngster who robbed the convenient store was wrong, so tell us for what reason is Al Sharpton, Rev. Jesse Jackson or any other activist needed?  This stuff is not only old, but is a cycle, because many African Americans have a lot in common with the children of Israel, worshiping other cultures, pure rebellion against God and much sin.

The very white blood that many African Americans yearn to blend with their own kindred are often accused of racism, even after they commit crime.  Many of these youngsters are like their parents who don't want God and refuse to surrender to Him.   It's really sad that within the black community there is no unity.  Many within the black community have a warped way of thinking, meaning they complain whenever a young black guy like Trayvon Martin or Michael Brown gets murdered, but they hate being black and yet would rather unite with whites instead of their own community; something is very wrong with that.  In the 21st century, many of them are yet killing each other, and not taking responsibility for their own actions.  Many of their kids are robbing people who work very hard for their money and become very angry when they are killed by the police.   Oh yes, we've defended black people to a certain extent on this blog, but most of the time, we have informed all of you SCR readers that many black people are on their way to hell for their rebellion, hating themselves and each other and idolizing the white race.  

Amen, Minister Johnathan Gentry, please tell it like it is!

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Minister Johnathan Gentry Tells Black Community, ‘All We Know How to Do is March, Riot, and Loot — I’m Sick of It!’ (Video Goes Viral); Calls Out Sharpton, NAACP, and President Obama

On Tuesday, Johnathan Gentry became an Internet sensation when he went on rant against the black community following the riots in Ferguson, Missouri, and the shooting death of 18-year-old Michael Brown. Friday, he...Read full article, here.


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