Thursday, August 28, 2014

Noose Found Hanging on City Truck in Oakland California

It's very sad to witness what has occurred in Oakland in the 21st century.  For this reason, we recalled when there was once a lot of strength among successful black people there.   We watched how black residents begin to divide as whites and Asians began moving in to dominate the city. We remember when a lot of successful black business owners controlled the wealth back in the 1970's, then in the 80's and 90's we noticed how many black residents began to destroy their own community with much crime.   

Then, as some African Americans began passing away, many others struggled to move away to the Central Valley in Stockton and Sacramento.  Now, we are hearing the latest news of racism since Oscar Grant's death.   It's just like any other city in America that was once dominated by successful African Americans, the majority of the the blame is on black community for lacking love, peace and unity among themselves.    

Since the tragedy of Oscar Grant, Trayvon Martin and now Mike Brown, we are hearing about a noose hanging on a truck in Oakland, California.  Don't you know God has something to say about all of this?   God is waiting on the black race to repent for all of the years of much rebellion, after He gave them equality in America.  The reports may not stop and a series of racial tragedies may get so bad, history we reverse all the way.  God wants the black race to turn away from wickedness, no longer idolize other cultures and finally submit like the children of Israel.

Noose Found Hanging on Oakland City Truck Used by Black Employees

Oakland police say they are investigating reports that a noose was found placed on a city Public Works truck used by African American employees, and the workers union says they have no...Read full article, here.

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