Saturday, August 30, 2014

Pastor Committed Suicide after Getting Man's Wife Pregnant 4 Times

This is why the Word of God forewarns us not to sin, this pastor committed suicide, he drank poison after getting a man's wife pregnant 4 times.  Reverend Menard Zvenyika  could not deal with the humiliation and died on his way to the hospital, according to our source.

The woman was forced to have abortions with the first 3 pregnancies, but the fourth time, she finally bore a son.   According to, Mukobvu testified in court that the adulterous relationship between his wife and Zvenyika destroyed their marriage and his wife was willing to testify in court as to the accuracy of his statements.

We have a message for you pastors who are committing adultery and doing other types of sin, 'stop the sinning and start focusing on winning souls for Christ. For as long as you sin, the world won't take you seriously or even come to Christ, because they know there are too many hypocrites in the pulpit and in the church.'

Pastor Drinks Poison after Getting Man's Wife Pregnant 4 Times

By BMS Staff

(BlackMediaScoop) After being slapped with a civil lawsuit of $10,000 for allegedly impregnating another man’s wife, Reverend Menard Zvenyika was due to appear before a disciplinary hearing of his church.

Zvenyika apparently couldn’t face any further humiliation and...Read full article, here.


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