Sunday, August 17, 2014

Pastor Leon Brown Says Michael Brown Shooting Shows America Is Still Divided: Wrong?

We ask you when will some black people ever understand that certain tragedies like Michael Brown is not because this country is still divided? The root of the problem is simply that most black people are yet divided, hate each other, including themselves in the 21st century.  This is a spiritual matter and it's not based on race.  Too many pastors are pointing the finger as though this is a racial matter without placing the blame where it belongs.   So, is Pastor Leon Brown forgetting that Michael Brown allegedly robbed, without working hard for what he wanted like a lot of alleged criminals in America? 

Bottom line, all cultures are more united than the black community and that's possibly because there are not enough individuals taking responsibility for their own actions.  You've got more interracial marriages more than any other era and you've got more black people embracing homosexuality while yet complaining about racism whenever we have one of these tragic events.   Pastor Leon Brown is like certain civil rights activists who are preachers, blaming Michael Brown's death on division in America, which is a lie.  The real division is within the black community, not much love, peace and unity while refusing to totally surrender to Jesus Christ.  Another problem, too many pastors like this one putting out the wrong information while thousands of black people among other races going to hell every second. 

Pastor Leon Brown Says Michael Brown Shooting Shows America Is Still Divided 

Are you watching the news? Are you reading blogs and news reports about the recent death of 18-year old Michael Brown? Have you watched the protests that have and will continue to occur? Are you, in any sense, moved to pray or talk to...Read full article, here.

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