Saturday, August 30, 2014

Pat Robertson Claims Teen Is Gay Because He's Raised by Single Mom


The issue of many teen boys being raised without a father is nothing new, it's been going on for years.  In this case, a step-mother wrote into the CBN program and asked what should be done about her step-son having crush on boys.  Pat Robertson said, it's because the boy probably going through this issue, because he's not around his father. 

According to, Robertson responded that while many people "think they are born that way," he disagrees and considers "nurture" to be the primary factor. 

We agree with Robertson, but one thing to remember is that it happens to girls too, if a mother does not pay attention to her daughter, then she will look for love in women.  Therefore, this ancient issue is not just about alleged sin, but it's about lacking role models in a family that needs a father and a mother.

Pat Robertson Claims Teen Is Gay Because He's Raised by Single Mom

Controversial televangelist Pat Robertson has recently claimed that a teenage boy brought up by his single mother is showing signs of being gay because of the absence of a father figure.

During the "Bring It On" segment on an episode of the long-running series...Read full article, here.


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