Saturday, August 30, 2014

Prophet Brian Carn and Tim Clinton Debate about Fornicaton!


We thank God for Prophet Carn upholding the standard of holiness.  He allegedly tweeted with this preacher, Tim Clinton (below photo) about fornication.When it comes to biblical commandments, there should be no confusion about it, but evidently, we have some rebellious preachers these days.   Tim Clinton allegedly says like Detrick Haddon there are no scriptures to prove it's wrong to shack.  However, Prophet Brian Carn proved him wrong and called shacking what it is, sin. 

This is why you must be led by the Spirit and not follow everybody in the pulpit. It's a dangerous thing for Tim Clinton to debate with Prophet Carn on this issue.  You see, why homosexuals are winning their rights in this country? Too many of these preachers want to prove that it's not wrong to shack.  Wow, many of these preachers want to say it's okay to shack, but stop gay marriage, that's no power.  How can you stop gay marriage, if you don't want to marry and argue it's okay to shack?

Prophet Brian Carns and Tim Clinton Tackle the Subject of Fornicaton!


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