Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Rapper Mentors Drug Kingpins for Christ: Does God approve of D. Will's Rap Music?

This rapper, D. Will aka David Williams has been witnessing through his street ministry to drug kingpins.  However, we don't know if God approves of his rap music.  We don't know if you recall, but we gave you the testimony about Angelica Zambrano who allegedly claims she saw a christian rapper in hell. Why?  Because she said the guy in hell said he did not worship God or pray.   

The rapper who is in hell who thought he was doing a good deed by rapping to witness to gangsters on the street did not worship Christ.   This is her testimony below, the message Angelica was to bring back is to tell the youth, the whole church to worship Jesus and not rap.    However, if D. Will is separating his street ministry from rapping, then Jesus may have mercy on him.  Listen to Angelica Zambrano's testimony, in case you missed it.  God bless.

Stop at 30:35, Angelica Zambrano Testimony


Rapper Mentors Drug Kingpins for Christ and Garners Support From Rochester Mayor With Men of God Ministry

A Rochester, New York rapper runs the street ministry M.O.G. (Men of God) where he mentors drug kingpins and has the full support from the city's mayor based on...Read full article, here.

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