Monday, August 25, 2014

Rev. Al Sharpton Spoke the Truth about Black People Disrespecting each other At Michael Brown's Funeral

We were so touched when we heard Rev. Al Sharpton say, 'we have to be outraged at our disrespect of each other.'  Now, although, we expected for Rev. Al Sharpton to call all black people up to the altar for repentance, at least he told the truth about blacks disrespecting and killing each other.  However, we yet believe there can never be healing without the majority of African Americans totally surrendering to Jesus Christ. Many black people must get their heart right with God first, before we can see love and unity.  Hatred and jealousy among black people who claim to know Christ must stop.  For it you hate your brother and sister and seek to bring them down, then as Rev. Sharpton said, 'Michael Brown's tragedy won't be the last one.' For too many black women are hating each other while black men are doing just the same, then whenever there is racism within our society, the black community is powerless.  So many times, black people have sought to unite with whites instead of desiring to love and unite among each other.  So, the only way to fix it, is for the majority of African Americans to want God in their lives, admit their faults, change and no longer worship white people as though they are superior. 

Rev. Al Sharpton's speech at Michael Brown's Funeral


Thousands Attend Funeral for Michael Brown as Community Searches for Meaning After his Death

With his speech today, did Al Sharpton establish himself as a national leader of all races, and not just a black leader or a “race hustler”? In our opinion, Al Sharpton got down today on both sides of the issue, dealing with white racism and police brutality, as well as black irresponsibility, and blacks disrespecting each other and...Read full article, here.


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