Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Rev. Bernice King Carries Message of Love and Nonviolence to Ferguson

Rev. Bernice King is carrying on her father's dream.  It was over 40 years ago when Dr. Martin Luther King was assassinated after spreading the message of peace and nonviolence.  The sad thing is this, we're in the 21st century and although, there is a lot of diversity, there is yet racism while the black race is more divided than ever.   As we've told you before, the only answer is for the black race is to totally surrender to Christ.    

We believe that although Dr. King did a good deed years ago, Jesus Christ already died for everything we go through.  We really feel the message from Christ has been ignored by many who are spiritually blind, not able to comprehend that blacks and whites may never be at peace, simply because there is no love and peace among blacks, alone.  There's too much hatred among black people and God's plan is for African Americans to totally surrender to Him, then when there is love and respect for each other, then racism may finally cease.

Bernice King Carries Message of Love and Nonviolence to Ferguson

The youngest child of the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. leaned toward the 30 students facing her inside the library at Riverview Gardens High School on Tuesday (Aug. 26). Many of them live near the epicenter of...Read full article, here.


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(AP Photo/John Bazemore) | ASSOCIATED PRESS


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