Saturday, August 16, 2014

Rev. Jesse Jackson Shows Up at Michael Brown Protest: Isn't He Spiritually Blind?

Something is wrong with the above photo.  In the 21 century, Rev. Jesse Jackson is still marching for a young guy who allegedly robbed before his death.   Rev. Jesse Jackson does not seem to represent total submission to Jesus Christ.   Why is he showing up at a protest for a youngster who allegedly broke the law?  Is that teaching the black youth in America how to obey the laws of this land.  Is Rev. Jesse Jackson a good example for black men in America today?   Possibly not, because he showed up at this protest for Michael Brown who allegedly caused his own death. 

Rev. Jesse Jackson is supposed to be a man of God and at this protest, God is looking for him to call black people of all ages to repent.  God never intended for there to ever be any rallying or rioting in this country, but because of most of the black community's rebellion against God, they are spiritually blind like some civil rights activists, allegedly.   The only thing what would have stopped this killing of Michael Brown was if he had of been righteous and totally surrendered to God.   Allegedly, he must have not yielded to God, if he did wrong before his death. 

We sincerely hope Rev. Jesse Jackson repents, because if he dies right now, he could lose his soul and go to hell.  He's not doing what God wants him to do and that's calling the race of black people to immediately repent and serve God, with all of their hearts, minds and souls.

Jesse Jackson Shows Up at Michael Brown Protest; Says, Ferguson Police Chief ‘Can’t be Trusted’

Missouri Highway Patrol Capt. Ronald S. Johnson said he sees no need for a police presence at the protests in Ferguson tonight.

“If something happens and if we have to come down here, we will,” Johnson said. “But if it’s like it is now and like it was last night...Read full article, here.

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