Friday, August 15, 2014

Rev. Willard Jones Charged By Feds With Stealing $900k From Community Center

Rev. Willard Jones has allegedly stole almost one million dollars from a community center.  Possibly, because his church built Cornerstone community center, he thought he could go on a spending spree, but not so, he has been charged by the feds.   We know God is so angry at these greedy pastors not being concerned about the poor, but hell is waiting.    

Do you recall previous testimonies that revealed the alleged truth about millions of souls screaming to escape demons tormenting them?  Among those souls were pastors, pastor's wives, deacons, evangelists who were very selfish and greedy in their lives; of course, some of them are burning forever for other sins like adultery, suicide and not preaching what is right out of God's Word.   Therefore, let us pray that Rev. Willard Jones repents before it's everlasting too late.   Possibly, you are like Jones and you are stealing money that does not belong to you.  We want you to know, if you repent, God will forgive you.  However, you must make a wise decision to do right, be holy and if you desire wealth, create a business not just to help yourself, but also those whom are following and supporting your ministry.   It's not God's will for corporations like Wal-mart, Target and other businesses to be the only resource for those who are needing employment.  If you preachers who are greedy and selfish would be smart and take over the corporate world, then possibly, there would hardly be any poor communities. 

 In the meantime, we will keep Rev. Willard Jones in our prayers.

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Rev. Willard Jones Charged By Feds With Stealing $900k From Community Center: Fur Coats, Gambling & Rolex Watches! Tulsa Bureau

Rev. Willard Jones has just been nominated as a candidate for the Bishop Eddie Long Award for Worst Pastor of 2014. The FBI, U.S. Attorney, and the IRS have all confirmed that Rev. Willard can’t account...Read full article, here.

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