Saturday, August 30, 2014

Victoria Osteen Tell Congregants ‘You Don’t Worship for God, You’re Doing It for Yourself’: She's Going to Hell If She Doesn't Repent!!!

The Osteen's already had enough trouble, it doesn't seem like they would allegedly teach their congregants to be selfish.  Victoria Osteen told Lakewood church followers, 'You don't worship for God, you're doing it for yourself.'   

There is a reason why we see that big globe in their church and not a cross.  There not fooling nobody, they are into some sort of secret doctrine.  Why would she say such a thing? How can Joel Osteen just stand there a smile?   God is against idolatry and when we love ourselves more than God, it is a sin, it's a form of idolatry.  What came out of Victoria Osteen's mouth seems like a demon from the pit of hell.  If she doesn't repent, she will go straight to hell, because no one should think when we worship God, we're not doing it for Him.    

God is greater than we will ever be.  He is the reason why we're here.  If we didn't have God, we would be turned over to the Devil.  So, who are the Osteen's worshiping, God or the Devil?

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Victoria Osteen In Hot Water for Telling Congregants ‘You Don’t Worship for God, You’re Doing It for Yourself’

Victoria Osteen’s comments on obedience to God have got her in hot water with some in the Christian community, with some even calling it blasphemous.

Osteen, co-pastor of Lakewood Church in Houston with her husband Joel, made the comments during a church service...Read full article, here.

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