Friday, August 8, 2014

Watch Pastor Timothy Flemming's Grandson, Minister Aric B Flemming, Jr. First Sermon "He Didn't Want To Do It"

In case many of you don't recall, Pastor Timothy Flemming of Mount Carmel Baptist Church tragically lost his son, Rev. Aric Flemming years ago.  A drunk driver took his life in a car accident.  However, we never knew he had a son, named after him.   We enjoy the late Rev. Aric Flemming's sermon and now we are blessed to enjoy his son preach also.  It's so wonderful God allowed him to leave a blessing with us.  God bless and enjoy.

Watch Video

Watch One of Aric Father's sermons: the late Rev. Aric Flemming Sr.

Source and Photo: YouTube Upload/Mount Carmel Baptist Church

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