Sunday, August 3, 2014

Young Florida Pastor In Critical Condition after being Shot In a Road Rage

This 22-year-old pastor was shot in a road rage situation.  Pastor Steven Simon is fighting for his life and now his church and family needs our prayers.  Saints of God, we live in such a crazy world and you must always stayed prayed up every second of your life.  People can be very cruel and do not care about taking a life.  This young man of God had just left a church service when the Devil got in another driver to take his life.  This behooves all of us to be very careful and always keep our minds stayed on God.  If these ungodly drivers want the ride away, give it them, not saying Simon did anything wrong.  

In the meantime, are praying for Pastor Steven Simon and his congregation.

  Watch Video

West Palm preacher, 22, in critical condition after road rage shooting

A 22-year-old West Palm Beach pastor who began preaching as a child was fighting for his life Saturday after he was shot in the head in...Read full article, here.



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