Saturday, September 13, 2014

Bill Cosby Says Blacks Must Prepare for Voter Suppression, But Movie Reveals The Rapture May Occur


If you read our previous article about our disagreement with Bill Cosby's message to black people, regarding voter suppression, then you must take heed to this next one.  All African Americans must understand, we can no longer focus on what's going on around us, if we want to see Jesus.  There are things that reveal that we are getting so close to the end of the world.  Therefore, the civil rights movement must cease, in order for souls to fully surrender to Jesus Christ.   

All you have to do is observe what's going on around us: Bishop Carlton Pearson's 'Gospel of Inclusion' since the time of his Azusa's events; RFID microchips being implanted in people across this country, many black people in the music and movie industry allegedly selling their souls to the devil for profit and glorifying the Baphomet, many churches affirming homosexuality and condoning same-sex marriage, including some black churches; many black people have chosen to divide among themselves and resent their heritage and worship other gods, many black preachers refuse to preach the truth while mingling with the secret society of the Illuminati; many pastors have revealed the globe in their churches and not the cross; we've recently seen the blood moon, which was mentioned in the book of Revelations.   

We want you to watch this following movie called, 'The Moment After,' which explains why black people can no longer prepare themselves for voter suppression or any other civil battle.  They must prepare for the rapture, which could take place at anytime. Don't be spiritually blind, open up your mind and accept the fact that these earthly battles such as civil rights will not get us into heaven.  Focusing on social issues that should have been resolved back in the 1960's could cause any of us to miss the rapture.

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Bill Cosby says Blacks Must Prepare Themselves to Fight Voter Suppression

As a biography chronicling his career is released, the comedian’s focus is on his next sitcom and on a real-life challenge for African Americans: fair access to the ballot.

Author Mark Whitaker will release his much-anticipated biography of Bill Cosby this week, three decades after the comedian...Read full article, here.

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