Monday, September 29, 2014

Bishop Noel Jones Yet Allegedly Bragging about Begging Sister to Collaborate and Work With Lady Gaga

Here we go again, Bishop Noel Jones allegedly bragging about begging his sister to work with Lady Gaga.  You see, this why we don't pay any attention to all those melodic tunes and moans coming out his throat, whenever he preaches.  He's not even spiritual enough to know that Lady Gaga is an alleged Satan worshiper.  Now, those of you who read SCR regularly recall when we mentioned Jones talking about this before.   Why is he bringing this up again?  

God is allowing this for his followers to recognize what a what prophet he is, like we mentioned to you in our previous article, Bishop Noel Jones Suggesting Sister Grace Jones Collaborate with Lady Gaga Proves He's a False Prophet.  If he's yet talking about Grace Jones collaborating with Lady Gaga, he must be a fan and listen to her music often, which is very wicked.  Watch these following videos, then you answer this question: Why would a man of God desire for his own sister to follow such a soul as Lady Gaga, an alleged Satan worshiper???   

In conclusion, this is not the only that God has showed us about Jones, just look at his personal life on 'Preachers of LA', he has allegedly been in a relationship with Loretta for 16 years and hasn't married her yet.  Bishop Jones has been allegedly known to also be in relationships with several women, even in the Hollywood industry.   This is not a holy man of God saints, he's indeed a false prophet.  Furthermore, if you've watched him and Deitrick Haddon on 'Preachers of LA,' they both get along very well, this is one of the reasons why, both are unholy and allegedly dabbled in a sinful life of fornication and adultery.  As for Jones, he's focused on money and not making sure his sister is saved and delivered from singing and performing for the Devil, allegedly.  Any real man of God would recognize a Devil worshiper, God naturally gives you that discernment, but it's all on these following videos.  Therefore, Jones is a false prophet and if you are holy, you would automatically discern that fact.  How can Bishop Jones lead his sister to Christ and not discourage her from being a worldly entertainer, after so many years?  How can he lead people like Lady Gaga to Christ, if he supports their music and is pleading his sister, Grace to collaborate with Lady Gaga? God told us in Ephesians 5:11 to separate from darkness, you can not mix light with it.

Note:  These videos do not belong to SCR journalists.

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Bishop Noel Jones Says He Begged His ‘Diva’ Sister to Collaborate and Work With Lady Gaga

Preacher of L.A.’s Bishop Noel Jones is the senior pastor of the City of Refuge Church in Gardena, California, but he has an interesting sibling role too! He can truly understand family issues.

After all, he has had to deal with...Read full article, here.

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