Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Hollywood News: Watch ABC New Sitcom 'black-ish'

Okay, there's a new show coming out called 'black-ish'.  Now we think the show is a good idea, because we've got too many black folks denying who they are, but most of all, we hope the show reveals positive characters.  The show is suppose to tap racial issues, but it may not solve the problem.  For too long not only have African Americans denied they are black, but they refuse to love, unite and respect each other, especially loving, honoring and obeying God.

We've become to diverse in America, we see too many black people making an effort to unite with other races, but not their own kind. We see a lot of diversity among racial conflict, but hardly any love and respect among African Americans.  How can you love other races, if you don't love and respect yourself and each other? Martin Luther King's dream may have came true, but we don't think it was God's idea for the black race to divide and kill each other.   This is why nothing has hardly ever worked for the black community and within the average black family, most of all, God has been absent in many lives.  Therefore, this show, blackish maybe a very positive one, but the main thing is, is that the concept is valuable and educates the minds of various black people.   We fear this maybe one of those positive shows that may help the black race and very comical, but lack spirituality, which is the answer for many problems among African Americans.

If you want to know more about black-ish, please go to

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