Saturday, September 27, 2014

Hollywood News: Actress Daniele Watts refuses to apologize to the LAPD

In our opinion, Hollywood actress Daniele Watts should not have to apologize, even if there was a charge against her.  She didn't do anything wrong, but we are going to share our spiritual aspect about her case.  She was publicly kissing her white boyfriend, which we feel is the reason why they both were allegedly interrogated by police.  Although, a white couple wouldn't have got stopped and questioned by police, we feel people in America need to go back to biblical principles.  

Now, at first we thought Watts was married to this guy, but according to, Brian James Lucas is her boyfriend.  It's time to get saved and vow to only kiss our spouses.  We need to go back to not touching until we are married.  Too many problems and too much sin is the cause of all this demonic oppression.  However, if Watts does not know Christ, she is unaware how Satan can use people to oppress you, if you are not following strict biblical guidelines.  However, yes, the LA cops were wrong and we still say, no, she should not have to apologize.  If she was a white, Hispanic or an Asian woman, would she be expected to apologize?  Probably not, because they don't go through what a lot of black women have to go through, such as racism.  We are experiencing modern day inequality, which is covered up by a lot of diversity, most of the time.

The fact of her boyfriend being white, it's still not easy to have one and yet endure racism.  In the 21st century, no matter how diverse America is, we living like we're back in the 1950's.  History is repeating itself and it does not seem like Dr. Martin Luther King's cause is helping anymore. The only answer is Jesus Christ and strictly following His guidelines, He left us in His Word.

Daniele Watts refuses to apologize to the LAPD: There was no charge against me

By Travis Reilly

"Django Unchained" actress Daniele Watts is refusing to apologize to the Los Angeles Police Department despite backlash from critics and "overtly racist and sexist remarks" on...Read full article, here.

Photo: Watts 

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