Saturday, September 27, 2014

Celebrity News: Celebrity Chefs Gina and Pat Neely File for Divorce


Many of you recall the cooking show, 'Down Home with the Neely's."  The famous couple made a household name with their delicious recipes and sometimes, bringing their family and friends on the show, which added a lot of interest to the set.  Now, Gina Neely and Pat Neely are filing for a divorce. This is very sad folks.  Why is it when we see a couple become very successful, most of the time, they divorce?   

According to, Last year the couple closed a Memphis, Tenn., restaurant to focus on other ventures, which include partnerships with George Foreman, Green Giant foods and Family Dollar.  Of course, we remember when all they had was their show and they appeared to love each other, always hugging and kissing, very intimate. 

 In the meantime, we will keep the Neely's in our prayers, it's not God's will they divorce, no matter what the problem is. Furthermore, if God put the couple together, they should remain together for life.

Celebrity Chefs Gina and Pat Neely File for Divorce


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