Sunday, September 14, 2014

Hollywood News: Los Angeles Police Mistake Black Actress, Daniele Watts, for a Prostitute

No harm intended, but if diversity has not worked yet, is it our duty to continue the fight, in the 21st century?  Dr. Martin Luther King was not assassinated for all of this nonsense we yet endure. No need in forcing another race for acceptance if they don't like us.   Now, take a minute and look what just happened again in Los Angeles.  Do you recall the previous article we did about the black film producer, resident of Beverly Hills who was stopped and handcuffed by LA police?   Here is it again, a black actress by the name of Daniele Watts had just finish kissing her white husband and police accused her of being a prostitute and him as a client, according to 

You see, history is reversing back in time, it doesn't matter Daniele Watts is an actress and the producer, Charles Belk was a popular Beverly Hills resident.   They're both still black and they're no different than the average black person.  Pretty soon, don't be surprised of we see segregation in Hollywood among the elites.

You see, no matter how we've mixed up with other races over the years, racism has not went anywhere. You cannot fight this ancient demon of racism by pleading for acceptance and denying who you are, not saying Watts is guilty of this.  However, it's time now, to worship Jesus Christ and for some of you black people idolizing whites, stop it.  Stop begging and looking for them to love you and seek the love of Jesus Christ and serve Him.  If nothing has changed by now in the 21st century, after everything we've been through, it never will.  It seems as though the battle to end racism we never ours, only God can take care of it, once we all surrender to Him.  Now, we can march the streets over this issue and rally like many others, but we've had enough of that, it's time to seek Jesus Christ. 

Los Angeles Police Mistake Black Actress, Daniele Watts, for a Prostitute

Actress Danièle Watts took to social media last week to condemn the Los Angeles Police Department after she was allegedly mistaken for a prostitute after kissing her white husband, Identites.mic reports.

According to Facebook posts by Watts and her husband Brian James Lucas, two police officers mistook the...Read full article, here.

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