Monday, September 22, 2014

Greater Cornerstone Baptist Church in Oklahoma Want Pastor Willard Jones Gone for Stealing Over $1 Million

It's very sad to admit the truth, but pastors stealing money has been going on for too long.   Although, Pastor Willard Jones is guilty of stealing over a million dollars, we question if some of his members should want him gone.  We ask you, should Pastor Willard Jones have a chance to pay back the money are make a statement of his remorse for the crime?    

Yes, Pastor Willard Jones most definitely was wrong, but who's to say their next pastor could be trusted?  It happens time and time again, when one pastor does wrong, sometimes the next pastor is just as bad or even worse.  Possibly, God has allowed this as a test, so Pastor Jones will learn his position to  reach souls is so much more important than greed and of course, to remind him, 'thou shall not steal (Exodus 20:15).'  We say the entire body of Christ needs revival across the nation and many pastors need to return to the altar and live their lives based on strict holiness.

Church in Oklahoma Want Pastor Willard Jones Gone for Stealing Over $1 Million from Community Center

Some church members from the Greater Cornerstone Baptist Church are wanting their pastor out. Pastor Willard Jones is accused of stealing nearly $1 million from the community center the church helped build. On Sunday morning some church...Read full article, here.


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